Small Style - Just Plain Cute

What can I say about these two littles style that I haven't already. It's been a while since they have made an appearance on the blog, they were going through a no pictures please phase. But they seem to have quit that and asked if we could document their style choices for the day. 


The Warm and Cool Of It

I love love love this coat. It's a very select day that I can wear it, given the short sleeves, but if I am lucky I can be kept warm with my gloves and a big scarf. 

Coat - Labless 
Top - MVVZ
Vest - Garage
Jeans - Pure
Shoe - Elie Tahri
Scarf - Gap
Gloves - H&M




Fashion Magic

Finding this coat gave me a moment of magic. I found it in a shop that usually doesn't have vintage, or good quality second hand. What made this moment even better was that it fit perfectly! It was true fashion magic. I combined my new find with another find from that day, a striped and pearl knit, feeling a little Parisian, I thought why not be super confident and take Rockford for a walk in my perfect outfit. 


Happy Thanksgiving

It's thanksgiving Monday, the start of the holiday eating! I am excited for this time of year because I am coming up to the one year mark of my everyday hot yoga journey. It's not easy finding the time, but I am managing to go when I can, or making up for it with an extra class on other days. It's completely unintentional that I am writing a post about moving while wearing a sweater and leggings from MVVZ. If you are a blogger you know that theses little coincidences just happen sometimes. 

Our Thanksgiving weekend was good. This was one of the toughest years I have ever been through, and I am really happy and proud of myself in how I handled the year. But I am really hoping for an easier year, this year! 

Sweater and Leggings: MVVZ
Top: American Eagle
Necklace: Smart Set
Scarf: Sirens
Coat: Thirfted
Boots: Spring




Channelling My Inner Hip Old Man

Fall is all about transformation, and every fall I am attatracted to a new kind of style. Without putting a lot of thought into it I am finding that I am loving the boyfriend look. Big sweaters, masculine bracelets, slightly nerdy old man hush puppies. These shoes have been my best friend since I bought them last spring, so much so I bought them in black as well shortly after.  My Mr. found me this Michael Kors sweater blazer at work. Luckily for me it was practically brand new and fit me! 

Hat - HM
Jacket - Michael Kors
Jeans - Pure
Shoes - Hush Puppies
Top - Labeless