Happy Thanksgiving

It's thanksgiving Monday, the start of the holiday eating! I am excited for this time of year because I am coming up to the one year mark of my everyday hot yoga journey. It's not easy finding the time, but I am managing to go when I can, or making up for it with an extra class on other days. It's completely unintentional that I am writing a post about moving while wearing a sweater and leggings from MVVZ. If you are a blogger you know that theses little coincidences just happen sometimes. 

Our Thanksgiving weekend was good. This was one of the toughest years I have ever been through, and I am really happy and proud of myself in how I handled the year. But I am really hoping for an easier year, this year! 

Sweater and Leggings: MVVZ
Top: American Eagle
Necklace: Smart Set
Scarf: Sirens
Coat: Thirfted
Boots: Spring