Suede Me In Layers

While Fall doesn't officially start until October 21st the time to layer in the evening is hear. My last few workplaces have asked that I wear all black, on my own time I am all about bursting some colour into my outfits. I have had this blue suede jacket six years ago. I never really knew how to wear it, I thought about giving it away many times but I just for some reason could never part with it. Even though it just sat in my closet. The past few weeks however it has been one of my favourite pieces! I am so glad I listened to my instinct to hold on to it. 

I have paired it with a sweater and dress from Forever 21, both styles are still in stores. 

The coziness of my sweater with the chicness of my dress gives me the feeling of the perfect fall outfit. I chose my very sweet but slightly nerdy Roberto Vianni loafers to bring more of the natural tones of fall into my look. 

How do you layer in fall?