Suede Me In Layers

While Fall doesn't officially start until October 21st the time to layer in the evening is hear. My last few workplaces have asked that I wear all black, on my own time I am all about bursting some colour into my outfits. I have had this blue suede jacket six years ago. I never really knew how to wear it, I thought about giving it away many times but I just for some reason could never part with it. Even though it just sat in my closet. The past few weeks however it has been one of my favourite pieces! I am so glad I listened to my instinct to hold on to it. 

I have paired it with a sweater and dress from Forever 21, both styles are still in stores. 

The coziness of my sweater with the chicness of my dress gives me the feeling of the perfect fall outfit. I chose my very sweet but slightly nerdy Roberto Vianni loafers to bring more of the natural tones of fall into my look. 

How do you layer in fall?




Colour Blocking

I have been pretty busy working with MVVZ that blogging has taken a small break, but until I get back into a regular blogging routine again I will share some old posts that I featured on another blog of mine when I was running two blogs.

We took these photos New Years eve day, and felt that the lighting in this room was so perfect and the pillow palace just made for a perfect setting for a couple of fashion photos. Color blocking is one of my favorite things to do. Its the best reason to mix different colors for no other reason then you just want to. I tone it done by wearing black tights.




 Thrifted Dress Kimichi Blue

Vintage Cropped Sweater

Something Special

I am guest posting over at Lena B, Actually today, and it's a very unique guest post for me. So go head over and take a look! 

What Is MVVZ?

About a month ago I left my shoe family to join a new family. The MVVZ family, Mvvz is a new concept clothing brand that combines fashion and function. Creating pieces that can be worn in an active lifestyle or in a more social setting.

 Nearly everyday someone will come into our store and ask what is MVVZ? I pulled an exert from the MVVZ website to give you a better understanding of what we are trying to do with this new brand:

''M V V Z (pronounced MOVES) is a forward-thinking clothing company based on the west coast of Canada. Paying tribute to the spirit of the times, we developed the MVVZ line to cater to our varied lifestyle; always on the move, whether it be cafe hopping, partying, being active, or just hanging out. For design inspiration we draw on many and varied influences, including contemporary culture, vintage, active fashion, the runways and music.

Our Aim:
To develop fabulous styles as unique and individual as our customers, without breaking the bank.''

If you come and visit us in either of our two, soon to be three locations, you will see that there is a huge variety to choose from, I have chosen to show you two of my favorite pieces. They are from the more active side of our brand, and I hope it will encourage you to take a look at not only the rest of our active wear, but the amazing fashion side of our brand! 

The first is the wants, which I have nick named my miracle pants. I love them because they actually do what is promoted! They are made of a pill free material, and they hold their shape. With other yoga pants I always found the knee to get baggy, I have knobby knees and when the fabric gets loose around them they like poor. But not with the MVVZ pant! They stay true! 

The second piece is a t-shirt made from Bamboo cotton. This cotton has to be the softest I have ever felt. What else could you really ask for in a shirt? 

My bumbles are wearing sweaters from MVVZ, the fashion and function theme is scene in the children's wear, and my little bumbles love how soft and fun they are.

The quality on all MVVZ products is wonderful, when clients come into the stores, they are amazed how well the clothes are made, and how the prices are not overly high.

With all of the things I mentioned above its hard not to be passionate about the MVVZ product or believe in everything that it stands for. Being that I do live a active and fashionable life, I really liked that I could take one piece and translate it into both worlds.