Survival of the Fashionable: Using Your Jewelry in an Emerency

I love accessories, weak in the knees love them! One afternoon I came home with a few new pieces from Stella and Dot and my friend looked down at my bracelet and told me how if I was ever in a bind I could unravel my bracelet and use it as some fishing line and the little serpent would work great as some bait. After this I got to thinking what other pieces of jewelry did I have that could serve a double purpose? So pretending that all has gone awry and with some help with my friends camping and survival skills here's what we came up with. I am also not really a big fan of camping, but the thought that I could potentially test my accessories has made me rethink the wild outdoors. 

Please note, that this is meant to be for fun, I am not suggesting that my accessories could replace actual tools.

What's in my kit:

Leather fringe necklace, Neon necklace: H&M
Sidewinder bracelet, Valor earrings, Cuff,Adrienne chain mix: Stella and Dot
Headband: Icing
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Town Shoes


Use your fringe necklace to make rope or find a furry friend, use to make a leash. 

If you happen to be wearing some neon beads those can also be used as fish bait along with the little sidewinder. 

Flatten your cuff to make a cutting edge.

Use your mix lariat as a trail marker. 

We chose this head band because it could potentially be used as a turnicate.

And these earrings could be used as teeny little arrow heads.