Little Blue Dress

I have been searching for the perfect little blue dress for what seems like an eternity. I first became obsessed with finding a little blue dress to call my own after watching Date Night with Tina Fey. I mean really who wouldn't want a dress in that colour after seeing how great she looks. So my own quest started and finding a dress similar; but either I was being to picky or I really just could not find a style or shade of blue I loved I was having a hard time taking one home. It got to the point where I still wanted one but was not actively seeking a blue dress. It wasn't until that I was shopping for some summer work dresses when I found this perfect for me dress. I love this dress. I have worn it on a date and also just running errands with my bumbles. 

I am so glad I found it, and glad it was quite a hunt for this dress. It's not a name brand designer dress but its special to me because it took me so long to find it. I have really been working hard at not settling for mediocre love and holding out for those that's 10/10 what I was looking for in my wardrobe. 

Dress: H&M 
Shoes: Doll house