Belt it Out!

I love belts, I wear them with almost all my outfits. It can add colour, make a loose top or dress fitted, and draw attention to your waist.With my new job I am asked to wear black, but I am given some creative freedom with my accessories and belts have become my favorite way to show off my personal style. Even wearing a different belt can get a little repetitive so here are a few different ways you can change it up a little. 

1. Single Knot: Tie the knot to the buckle or further away
2. Double Knot: I love doing this with my man's old belts that he doesn't wear anymore.
3. Loop It: Don't buckle up the belt, just tie in a knot then, loop the end through the buckle.
4. Double Belt: Look for two belts that are a simular style and size, attach them together, then wrap them around the smallest part of your waist. Or if you are wearing a looser blouse style dress, wrap around just below the hips.