Be Your Own Stylist

Sometimes even the most fashionable of people need help. Many times I have looked at a garment in a shop or in a magazine and wondered can I pull that off? Or what do I have that will go with that. I work hard to try and buy pieces that I can mix and match with what I really own. Buying a whole new outfit everytime I shop would just be to expensive! After coming to this ephinany that I really needed some help I thought I can't be alone in this.

I am starting this series to hopefully help a few others that go to a jam packed closet and have no idea how to put outfits together. If your closet is anything like mine, start process of this can seem daunting and intimidating. The reward this really worth the hard work at first!

Your first step into being your own stylist is taking stock/inventory of what you already own. When I did this I pulled everything out of my closet and put it all on my bed, and then as I hung it all back up I was able to see clearly what I wanted to keep and really needed to part with. It also made things easier for me to color group what was in my closet. You don't have to do that if you don't want to, but it does make things look pretty.

By the end of my taking stock afternoon. I had three groups of clothes:

Refashion/could be used for DIY projects

Once I knew what I had, I could easily decide if I needed anything to create a couple more complete outfits. Which leads to the next step...

Make a list and budget, and stick to it! When you head out into the shopping world keep your list with you at all times and try hard not to be tempted by anything else.

The last step is the most fun of all! Mix and match, combine your new pieces with the old, play around with the colors. Everyone loves color blocking! Have fun with fashion, try and remember what it was like when you were seven and you didn't care what anyone thought about your outfit.

Of course I am not saying to dress like a seven year old, but try and find that same confidence. Confidence is the most important key to your style. If you don't feel good in what you are wearing, it will show in your body language. Living in a suburb area of the lower mainland, I get lots of strange looks over my fashion choices, but it really doesn't bother me. I love having fun with my clothes. Fashion is my escapism for a hard day, and a great reward for the good days.  

I hope you enjoyed this post, over the next couple weeks I have asked a couple of my favorite bloggers to help me out with this series! So be sure to check back to see their posts!