In Between

If you love on the west coast you must be feeling this push and pull game Mother Nature is playing with the weather. It's not quite fall, spring, or summer these days. It's somewhere in between. I have never been one to dress according to the season, but it's not cute to shiver so my winter tights are hanging around just a little longer. That being said I have started to bring out my fun and flirty spring and summer dresses. It was pretty deary today so pulled out this party dress. It's got the right amount of colour for a rainy day but cheery enough to make me feel as if spring and summer is around me.

I apologize for the photo bombing in this post but it was hard to narrow down which photos I loved most. Using my vintage super 8 camera as a prop was fun!


Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said... [Reply]

I love that you used a vintage camera in the shoot! So much fun and believe me I totally get the weather being confused. It's so temper mental in Ohio. So happy you linked up with us friend, xoxo