Hunting For Drift

I love, love, love drift wood. Especially the weird and twisty pieces. Yesterday before work my hunting trip showed me no shortage of great pieces. Some pieces I knew what I would use right away, and others I brought with me for those last minute inspirations. 
With my new job I am asked to wear black, it can feel a little repetitive after awhile, but I am loving that its forcing me to be more creative with my accessories. I had some fun yesterday wearing this big blue bow on the other side of my extreme hair part. I complimented it with some blue tights and went for a little bit of a different look with my gladiator sandals. 




Lena B, Actually said... [Reply]

I love the blue accessories & tights with the black! You look great!

rlutz said... [Reply]

I love the way your a styling the bow and colored tights without looking to juvenile!!