In Between

If you love on the west coast you must be feeling this push and pull game Mother Nature is playing with the weather. It's not quite fall, spring, or summer these days. It's somewhere in between. I have never been one to dress according to the season, but it's not cute to shiver so my winter tights are hanging around just a little longer. That being said I have started to bring out my fun and flirty spring and summer dresses. It was pretty deary today so pulled out this party dress. It's got the right amount of colour for a rainy day but cheery enough to make me feel as if spring and summer is around me.

I apologize for the photo bombing in this post but it was hard to narrow down which photos I loved most. Using my vintage super 8 camera as a prop was fun!


Something every Mama should have in their closet is a piece of clothing that makes them feel like a super hero. The story of this shirt is a little funny. One of my friends had sent me a photo with two kids finding a superman costume in their moms closet. And she wrote that she was sure I had one in my closet. Two days later I was contacted to write a post about this particular line that makes super shirts. Talk about kismet or what! I chose the vintage style, and love it, it fits great and the cotton is super soft. Yes the cheesy pun is intended!

I paired my super top with some rolled up skinnies and my new Michael Kors booties.

What's your hero piece?



Gladiator Walks

Lately I have been working quite a bit, between working at the shoe store, and my own side projects making free time is tough, but I know that it's ok because I am doing it all for my family and myself. Growing and enjoying my life. When I am able to have down time going for spring walks is one of my favourite things to do. 




Hunting For Drift

I love, love, love drift wood. Especially the weird and twisty pieces. Yesterday before work my hunting trip showed me no shortage of great pieces. Some pieces I knew what I would use right away, and others I brought with me for those last minute inspirations. 
With my new job I am asked to wear black, it can feel a little repetitive after awhile, but I am loving that its forcing me to be more creative with my accessories. I had some fun yesterday wearing this big blue bow on the other side of my extreme hair part. I complimented it with some blue tights and went for a little bit of a different look with my gladiator sandals. 



For the Love of Shoes

My shoe addiction has taken another step towards becoming dangerous. I recently started working for a shoe company, and for a shoe obsessor as big as me it's like working in heaven everyday. While I am trying to keep it together and not spend more then I make I also think about which shoes would be worth me becoming the little woman who lived in a shoe for.