The World Is A Playground

The World Is A Playground

I am lucky enough that I can live life basically spending my days creating. I love living life working on something new every week. For a long time I held back starting new ventures. Mostly because I didn’t want to come across as flakey. I do have tendency to have a flakey week here and there. But who doesn’t? And for the majority of the time I am focused and don’t take on something if I can’t handle it.

My main ‘’my time’’ passions in life are fashion and photography. Lately though I have begun to venture out a little further. With my nannying days numbered and our family being in a good place financially, it got me thinking what do I want to do with my days. Jason is still home on disability so I have lots of time to pursue my ideas without having to worry about day care.

When I started nannying I did panic a little that my creating would be taking a major back seat, but somehow I am finding the time to devote the time I want to, to this new project. I have learned that blogs are like babies, they grow, they change, and can go in certain directions without you even realizing they are going that way. 

This new project came along when I had the thought, what I can I do to make life a little more interesting. I am not fully ready to reveal what will be happening with this blog and my next career prospects. But soon hopefully I will have something to show and you can not only continue to watch my littles grow, but me as well.

Can't wait to share more soon!



Katie Foster said... [Reply]

Hey there! I found your blog via the blog hop. Did you want to follow each other? Let me know :)