Small Flowers Crack Concrete

In an effort to make better use of whats already in my closet rather then buy more clothes, I found my favourite rose jacket. Sure its not one of the warmest jackets for winter, but today was strangely warm. While digging through my closet I also found these very vintage opera glasses my great grandmother gave me when I was about 11 years old. They weren't really lost, I just don't know why I never thought to use them in a post before now. The really cool thing about these is they still work! We learned that very few in existance today still work.

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 photo IMG_3185copy_zps1028bf2d.jpg

You may have noticed that in addition to having very blonde hair I also got my nose pierced! I got this done just before my birthday a couple of months ago. I love it and think it makes my nose look pretty adorable! I am finally able to start switching the jewelry and would love to know what some of your favorite pieces are? Check out this site Those of you that have a nose piercing do you prefer a stud, hoop, or do love both?

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