Mama Style: Yoga Wear

Its January and that means time to make resoloutions. Starting yoga wasn't actually a resolution for me, I have practiced yoga off and on for years. Recently though I started going everyday, and also started hot yoga. With so much going on lately this was the perfect thing for me to use my me time for. Its been a lot of fun, and I am having great results getting into shape.

To help this new healthy living I am pushing my little family into becoming clean eaters with me. I don't plan on us being completely vegan, but the goal is to eat one meatless meal a week, and prepare 5 clean eating meals a week by the end of the year. It's going to be tough for me to say no to some of my favourite foods, but will be worth it I'm sure!

I think that this might be pretty obvious, but I don't suggest wearing as much makeup as I am wearing in this post. Unless you want the sad painted clown face by the end of your class.

What are some of your resoloutions?

Mine are to be happy, be kind, practice lots of yoga, and get back into more of a regular blogging habit.

Cozy Comfy

I hope everyone had a fantastic new years eve. We spent the day and evening just relaxing and lounging in our pajamas . When it comes to my fashion style I love to feel cozy in cottons and knits. And being a lady who always feels cold the more layers the better! So something like this sweater dress, and sweater scarf were a great fit for me.  
How did you spend your NYE?
Happy New Years to all!