These past few weeks have been amazing for me, blogging wise. I have been getting approached by many, many people who want my opinion on their posts and sites. After carefully selecting who to feature I am very excited for the next couple of weeks.

I am completely humbled by how my blog has grown. I started blogging because I was bored one day, and thought that it would be something to do on those nights when I was stir crazy and had nothing else to do. I never would have thought it would turn into the little hit that it is. Yes in the grand scheme of the blogging world. My blogs are still considered small blogs. But the fact that of all my followers I only know about 3% of you in real life, that to me is big!

When I first started getting complements on how someone loved reading my blog and keeping up with us. I couldn’t believe it sometimes. What did they like? My blog was mostly about our day to day lives, with the occasional heartfelt or fashion post thrown into the mix, what made us so much more interesting then my readers lives? I still wonder this sometimes, but a while back a friend of mine said that my blog was great because it was written as though I was really talking to them. That and I took great photos.

I work hard at everything I take on, and I have always worked hard to achieve what I want. My whole life I always said that I wanted to work in fashion. Yes I went back and forth on a few more ‘’ stable’’ career choices, but I always came back to fashion. Working in fashion with children is doable, but its tough, the fashion world requires that your schedule be some what flexible. As much as I wanted a full fledged career in fashion and I did work hard towards that, it was just not the right path for me anymore. I am one of those people where obtaining something always required a lot of work. I very rarely had things come easily for me. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying I had a life like Annie { pre Daddy Warbucks}. But I always had to study hard to remember something in school, or work a little harder for something that I wanted {mostly because I used to be pretty shy, and didn’t speak up enough to go for what I thought I should}. With blogging, and being great at blogging, I didn’t have that. In a weird way blogging fell into my lap. I naturally am a pretty good writer. And with photography being another life long passion it has come easy to me as well. After realizing how much of a natural I was at these two aspects of my life my confidence grew and grew.

Being a Mama is another part of my life that I am great at, but I think we can all agree its tough a lot of the time in those first couple years.

 With being shy and not speaking much a person can feel a little unheard. When I started to see how much other liked ‘’hearing’’ what I had to say my voice in real life got louder and a lot less shy. I know they say that confidence should come from no one but yourself. But mine started to find its way because of all of the nice things everyone has said to me over the last year and a half. And I am really thankful for that.  


I am very happy two have both of my littles. It defiantly wasn’t how I imagined my life, but I am very grateful for both of them. They are such fascinating little people and I often find myself thinking how special I am that they chose me. Yes I still believe that a babies soul comes from the stars and chooses the family they want to be apart of.


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Lindsay said... [Reply]

It's been wonderful following your blog and having this little peek into your lives! :) Thanks for blogging -- I'll always be reading! :)

susi said... [Reply]

From the point of view of a the scary mother in law. Yes our Amber has grown! I am not an easy person to know, and I know you were cautious around No worries I respected your bubble. I am glad that you have grown your outer voice. I truly feel that blogging played a big part, there by your confidence grew, and your creativity. YES! you are a great mommy. One only needs too see how happy your bumblers are! We are very proud of you! Mike and Susi AKA Oma & Opa