Its been a long time since I have posted fashion here on the blog. I thought I would post a few photos we took a while back. I have been posting mostly on my fashion blog. And since I have a lot of followers who follow both blogs, I try and not repeat. For a day though I will make an exception, since I loved this day so much!

We went out to the lake to look for some drift wood for a DIY project that I am working on. And like everything thing in our life, it turned into a photo opp and fashion post.

That aside the four of us had fun looking for drift wood. And I cannot wait to show you what I am working on!

Oh and while we were at the lake, we saw a movie being filmed. We do see this alot where we live, but this was our first time seeing a bigger budget movie being made.

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Lindsay said... [Reply]

SO glad to see a fashion post from you! I hope you are well my friend. xoxo