Small Style - Week Three

I cannot believe how involved this little girl is when it comes to getting dressed everyday. While I am the one showing her the options she will say yes or no to different pieces. And on the rare occasion she will drag a certain top or pants to me, asking cool? And Peyton always picks out her own shoes. She will get upset if you put a different pair on her then she wants.

This particular day was very cold, so we were all about the layers!

Purple Onsie and Top: Both JOE Fresh
Bloomer Shorts: Childrens Place
Boots: Gift
Tights: Local shop called TEA

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kyna... said... [Reply]

She had great fashion sense! lol! Ellie is the same way..she INSISTS on picking her own clothes out. Sometimes it's so hard when it's not a "weather" appropriate outfit because she will lose her mind if she picks something out and I try to put something else on her!
♥ Kyna