My Morning - Thoughts and a Story

This morning on my way to work I was lucky enough to have one of those moments in life when you cross paths with someone who is wise, and while it's sad can have their pain make life better for someone like me. Everyone morning on way to work I see this sweet old man. We always say hello to each other, he pays me a new compliment every morning and then we get on the bus and that's the end of our conversation. Until this morning... It was raining today, and he told me that he forgot his umbrella. I asked him if he really needed one because I would have rushed back to my house to grab him one. With a big smile he thanked me and said that it was ok.  He then asked me what I do for work. I told him that I nanny, but also work in fashion and photography when I get the chance. Everyday he wears a bright orange coat with reflective strips so I assumed he worked somewhere also. But he didn't, every morning he was taking the bus to travel to see his sweetheart. He woke up very early so that the first thing his sweetheart could do in the morning was give him a hug and kiss. This sweet man's wife has Alzheimer's. He talked about how terrible it was, how it didn't happen slowly, her progression was quite fast. He told me that as a person who didn't like change it was even more harder. After telling me his story and making a little joke about how I should never get old he told me what love meant to him and what it means to life.  After listening to him, I asked why it was that he did not live closer to where his wife did. He told me again that he didn't like change, but more so that the house he currently lived in was decorated by his wife, and to leave that felt wrong. He said that even though she didn't love their anymore it was still her home and it felt wrong to leave.  After talking a little more we discovered that a family member of mine used to live in the same home as his wife. I told him that a few of my family members had Alzheimer's and it was a bit of a fear of mine that I would one day have it as well. He then told me that he was sorry to hear that, but could tell that it had made my heart as big as it is. He said it takes a special kind of heart to understand Alzheimer's, and as sad as it is, only those that see the effects first hand will have a heart like mine. After talking a little about how great the nurses were in the home and discussing my reasons for not wanting to be a nurse. He kindly invited me to come meet his wife one day. While I am not sure I am to comfortable doing that I was very honored that he asked.  I have always stopped to talk to people. Mostly just to let them know that they were noticed, but this is the first time I have ever walked away from a conversation with a stranger where I felt noticed. I don't do kind things to be noticed. With the acceptation of Jason I very rarely ever talk about my kind acts. I am never looking for recognition, I just like to make people smile. But I will admit it did feel nice to hear this sweet old man compliment my character as a person and to give me the feeling that I was noticed as well. Not that I generally ever feel un-noticed. But I am sure you understand what I am saying.  I know that I am not the only one out there that is like this. I would love to hear your stories of what you have done to make someone you don't know smile or let them know you noticed them.   


Alyssa said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness! This just broke my heart and made me smile all at the same time!

Amanda @ Life, Experience Needed said... [Reply]

Such a sweet story!

Thinking said... [Reply]

hmmm..really inspiring and heart touching....

Nice post.