Kindergarten Thoughts

A couple months ago I registered Ethan for kindergarten. So many emotions I was not expecting have run through me. The first one was,  how did we get here? Can it really be time already! The last five years really do seem to have flown by. To be honest I can barely remember the feeling of only having one little baby at home with me. The week leading up to registaration was really stressful. The desicion to put Ethan into French immersion or english kindergarten exhausted me! In the end we are placing Ethan into english kindergarten.

After all the stress I was mostly sad about not spending all my time, all day with Ethan.
The closer and closer we get to Septemember the more and more I do find myself getting excited with Ethan. Like I said its been a variety of emotions. I think seeing how excited and confident Ethan is with all of this has really made me ok with it all.

I am sure I am not alone in this emotional rollercoaster. I am curious how did all you Mama's feel with your first going to kindergarten?

How did it all go from this to my smart five year old boy?

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Amanda I said... [Reply]

I'm still a year away, but we're doing Preschool this fall and I don't think I'm ready for it.

Faithful MOMentos said... [Reply]

Time does fly with little ones. Mine will start daycare next year. :(

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<3 Faith