Co-Hosting Tuesday Ten - Top Favorite Cheesy Movies

This week I am co-hosting not one but two link up parties! This post is for my Tuesday Ten with Lena from  Mom 2 Memphis And Ruby and we are listing our embrassing cheesy movies that we really love.

Don't judge me! The heart wants what the heart wants! In no particular order because I love them all ALOT here are my top ten!

The Goodbye Girl, I love this movie! But the over acting of the characters gives it a little bit of cheesiness but makes you love the characters. I will admit though the over actting made me blush a couple times, but I don't really know why haha...

The weekend at Bernies two, a dancing dead man, how can you not fall for this movie!

Confessions of a shopaholic, this fashion filled movie makes me want to be the girl in the green scarf everytime! Minus the crazy amount of debt.

The hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, I honestly don't think reviewers gave this movie a fair chance. I love everything about it! It makes me want to be more adventourous, It also started my love for Zooey Deschanel.

Love Story, I am not really sure if this counts as cheesy, but its tied with my all time favorite, get really upset if I miss it movies. If you haven't seen it, you should, the couple in this movie are great role modelsof true love, and a 1979 Ali McGraw, doesn't get much more chic then that!

Fast times at ridgemont high, I was unsure about listing this movie, because its not really a clean cut movie, but I love watching this movie. Its a classic and I want to be honest. Plus the interaction between Spicolli and his teacher is classic!

13 Going on 30, this movie is really adorable and its another great fashion filled movie.

Don't tell mom the babysitter is dead, this movie is another classic, but lets face it, everything about it is pure cheese! But so funny its tough not to love and get excited to watch!

Flipped, this movie is a realitavly new favorite, but its so funny to watch one situation be seen through two points of view when it comes to the love relationship of two grade seven kids! I made the hubs watch this one, and he even liked it! 
Anything made by the Hallmark and Lifetime network. These movies always have terrible acting and story lines, but I am so drawn to them, I can not turn them off! I can't believe I am admiting this, I usually never admit this unless someone else says that they like them first. But here it is out in the open! Again please don't judge haha.



JenniferAStreet said... [Reply]

I LOVE Confession of a Shopoholic!!


Queen Bee Hive

Ashley said... [Reply]

I totally forgot about Don't Tell Mom the Babysiiters dead. Ha! I used to love that movie!

missjonquil said... [Reply]

Newest follower! You have a few movies on your list I have not seen. Crazy considering I would consider myself somewhat of a movie buff..Looks like I need to check them out. Thanks for the list and the co-host!

Brittany said... [Reply]

lol! i love it. i actually have 13goinon30 and my mom gave me, love story and i liked it! I was quite shocked at the ending, but loved it because it happens in real life and they were college kids!

p.s. there's a new hallmark movie coming on tomorrow night on abc starring cuba gooding jr., looks good!