Me and My Egg

This week I am linking up Our Reflection for the fun weekly photo contest. Since I am always behind the camera I don't have any photos of people taking photos, but I do have lots and lots of photos of me taking photos of myself.

My favorite has to be this photo! I took it the day before Pea was born. I was due for my weekly belly shot, and Jason was at work. And I just had this feeling that if I didn't take the photo myself I would not have the chance.

Other then the obvious reason that this was my last belly shot, I love the way the shadowing is in the photo, and its just a special photo between me and my egg belly.

Our Reflection: Weekly Photo Challenge

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Sew Now we are four said... [Reply]

Gorgeous photo! Your description gave me goosebumps :-)

Laura Hernandez said... [Reply]

This is wonderful. Mom's view before the baby's born. Heart melting. Thank SO much for linking up!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said... [Reply]

Such a pretty picture, Amber! ♥

the Momma Bird said... [Reply]

awe!!!! love :)

Jelli said... [Reply]

Cute photo! Thankfully, I also chose randomly for a belly photo shoot hours before my baby was born. It's definitely a special memory.