Ethan and Peyton's Room

I have mentioned a few time that we live in a two bedroom townhouse. And I have recieved a few emails over the past couple months how I make it work having Ethan and Peyton living in the same room. It took me sometime, but I worked hard to find the perfect mix of a great little boys and girls room. You know I LOVE vintage, so I really tried to bring that to Ethan and Peyton's room when picking pieces out.

You can see by the painting that is not hung that we are still not quiet finished.

I framed cute new and vintage fabrics that I collected over the past year or so. The giant owl art piece is from IKEA and cost $13! I couldn't believe it.

What's a kids room without a cute dog right?

I saved Peyton's bassinette to house her growing doll and stuffy collection {which she barely plays with}

Jingle bells that Santa left behind!

These items will be going on a shelf this week!!

Vintage lamp that was my Dad's when he was little! So love that Ethan has this!

This is my take on creating a shared room. I would love to know what your thoughts are? Too Boyish, too girly?

Do your kids share a room? What did you do to make it comfortable for both?

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Ashley said... [Reply]

I love that owl picture!

Amanda I said... [Reply]

Looks great!! Love the art work

Lindsay said... [Reply]

I love it! I think it's a perfect shared room! Those book shelves are great! I saved Ethan's bassinet to hold his toys and teddy bears, too! The "my prince did come, his name is daddy" thing? OH MY. TOO CUTE.

Tracy said... [Reply]

aww such a sweet room!

Liz said... [Reply]

Where did you get the shelves for the books?! That is my favorite idea from the whole collection.

Liz - following from Thoughtful Thursday blog hop

Amber said... [Reply]


They are from Ikea :) They are actually spice racks!

Cynthia Meents said... [Reply]

My daughter and son shared a room for several years. I just went with bright primary colors and gender neutral decorations. They never seemed to think it was a problem. They were happy when they finally got their own rooms though.

Following from Thoughtful Thursday blog hop