Could Have Been?

Some people like to read in their spare time, others are avid DIY-ers. Me? I like to pretend I am a designer. You all know how much I love dresses, well when its quiet or Jason and I are just watching television I will pull out my crayons and sketch. This is a hobby of mine that I have been doing since I was very young. Unforunatly on my part, I never took the time to learn to sew, so my sketches are limited to staying on paper. All thought recently I have thought about painting a couple of my little doodles. Here are a few of my most recent sketches!

This last one was completely inspired from a dress in Some like it hot.

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Ethan's Birthday - What We Did

We had such a great day on Ethan's birthday. It was a pretty quiet day, with us staying pretty close to home. But still fun filled!

We started by giving Ethan is birthday gift. Jason picked out the gift this year, and it could not have been more perfect. This gift kept Jason and Ethan entertained for ours. Ethan was excited to be doing something with Daddy, and Jason was excited that he found a product that was like the way Lego used to be.

Ethan was very happy to wake up to have a gift, mostly because he forgot it was his birthday haha. If you know Jason well, then you know that he was done is a couple of times as well.

Half way through we took a break building and had some breakfast. Ethan's favorite, Pancakes and strawberries! Nothing but the best for our little guy on his special day.

We spent the rest of the morning playing at home, and then for lunch we met Gramma and Grampa! I think this part of the day may have even trumped the morning events in terms of what was his favorite!

A little mini family style session on the way home from lunch!

My two favorite guys!

Later on we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a fun birthday dinner!

Saturday we had a second party { I don't know how, but this kid someone gets three celebrations a year!}

This was our first year not having an at home party. It made life so easy!

Here's how it went!

A little Dancing

A few friends.

Couldn't have a party without Amanda and Lynden

The only birthday photo I am in, and Pea is frowning!


Poor Peyton didn't want to wait till we were done singing.

Very irratated that I asked her to turn around. One of those if looks could kill moments!

After cake, a little Skee ball!

And there you have it! Two out of three birthday events, of what I have been calling Ethan-palooza!

Hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did!

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A Birthday Letter To Ethan

Happy birthday baby boy! I thought I would spend today to tell you about your favorite story. The story about the day you were born. You love hearing this story and I have told you a million times, but everytime you act like its the first time you are hearing it. So here we go for the million and oneth time!

The day you were born Mama and Daddy went to the hospital. We waited over one day for you to decide to come meet us. During that time Mama kept thanking you for making everything so easy for her. After a very, very long time you finally found it was time for you to come out. You didn't cry, you just looked around immediatly with the same curiousity that you have today. Your next miraculous move was to give everyone a great big Ethan smile. The doctors and nurses said that babies that small don't know how to smile, but I am certain of what I saw, even if it was only me that manged to catch that glance. From then on out, you and I have pretty much been joined at the hip. Never spending more then 2 nights apart at a time in the last five years.

I could not asked for a more special little person to have chosen to be with me and Daddy. These last few months are the last few that we will get to spend all day everyday together. In a few short months you will be starting kindergarten. A new phase in your life that I honestly feel has snuck up on me. Our last five years have been so fun filled, that they really have flown by.

You make Mama so proud everyday. You are the best big brother to baby Pea that anyone could ever ask for. You are kind, and curious, and as much as you always want to help Mama out, I love to remind you that your only job is to be sweet, and to be a little boy who loves to play. You usually roll your eyes at me and with a little laugh you will say ''Mama, It's ok if I want to help.'' When you say that all my fears about whether or not I have taught you all the proper manners vanish. The best thing about you Ethan is that while everyone loves you, you are so humble and always want to make sure you pass that forward and make as many people as possible smile. You completely amaze me with how much you understand and know. You have always been so aware with what it going on around you in the world.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your world. You make everyday so much fun, and interesting!

xoxo Mama

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Ethan and Peyton's Room

I have mentioned a few time that we live in a two bedroom townhouse. And I have recieved a few emails over the past couple months how I make it work having Ethan and Peyton living in the same room. It took me sometime, but I worked hard to find the perfect mix of a great little boys and girls room. You know I LOVE vintage, so I really tried to bring that to Ethan and Peyton's room when picking pieces out.

You can see by the painting that is not hung that we are still not quiet finished.

I framed cute new and vintage fabrics that I collected over the past year or so. The giant owl art piece is from IKEA and cost $13! I couldn't believe it.

What's a kids room without a cute dog right?

I saved Peyton's bassinette to house her growing doll and stuffy collection {which she barely plays with}

Jingle bells that Santa left behind!

These items will be going on a shelf this week!!

Vintage lamp that was my Dad's when he was little! So love that Ethan has this!

This is my take on creating a shared room. I would love to know what your thoughts are? Too Boyish, too girly?

Do your kids share a room? What did you do to make it comfortable for both?

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