My Little Guy And I

Last week my little guy and I went on a Mama and son date. It had been awhile since we spend some real one on one time together. We had a blast being goofy. I know one day will come when I can no longer be Ethan's best friend and will have to actually be his Mama, but at least for one extra day I got to run really fast, tell jokes, and act like a complete goof with my little guy.

We didn't do anything super exciting we went for a walk to a thrift shop looking for DIY materials. Didn't find any :( So we continued our walk, went to look at some camera things, taking our time, to take a few photos along the way.

One of the things I love about Ethan is that with him I feel truly free. He never judges, and I feel so comfortable acting like a four year old right there with him. I can laugh hysterically when he calls something goose pants, neither one of us know what it really is, but we just laugh because well to us its funny! I am pretty quiet person, but I am super sociable at the same time. I have always felt more insync though when there are kids around. I love how kids look at the world. How a giant puddle is actually seen as a river!

Its fun having my own childhood memories for an hour or so be relived in Ethan. Running so fast that you think your legs might fall off. Or getting excited about having some pie before dinner { this a special treat that Ethan I have been doing since, well pretty much since he started solid foods} We like to pretend Daddy doesn't know, but both know that he does.

This past year Ethan really has become his own person. He is finding what some of his interests are. One of them, and maybe this is because of blogging is doing little style outfit posts and he loves photography as much as I do. I am excited for this next chapter with Ethan as he grows into having more and more things he and I can share together.

A is for Awesome Mama! 

One day I know I will have to let him go. I registered him for kindergarten this week. While I still am not sure how I feel about not spending all day everyday with Ethan, I can't wait to see how he and I grow into this next stage of life.

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Ashley said... [Reply]

I dread the day I have to send my little ones to school. It is such a bittersweet thing.

Mrs. Mama said... [Reply]

what a stud! his outfit is too cute for words!

kyna... said... [Reply]

That is so awesome that he is showing an interest in photography! And his jacket is pretty awesome too!
♥ Kyna