Macro Filter Fun

My husband bought me a treat today. He took me to get some macro filters I have had my eyes on for a few days now. I did use to have a 100mm macro, but I let it go to get another lens that I use much more. I was starting to miss getting up real close though, and my teleconvertor finally quit on me. So a searching for inexpensive macro lens trick I did go!

I came across a youtube video for some Hoya macro filters, and I was sold!

I am so glad that our local camera shop had them and that the filters do what they should!

The brand I ended up purchasing is Kenko, they are a sister company of Hoya so the quality is exactly the same.

These filters are great if you only want to do macro photography once and a while, if you are going to get more and more into macro then investing in an actual Macro lens would be better. But for $40 for 3 filters its not to bad to test the waters and see if you are into macro.

I know there are lots of starting out photographers and with the prices of lenses I could not resist sharing my newest find!

I bought the filters to fit my 50mm, you can get them to fit all the way up to a 58mm I believe.

In the set you get a +1, +2, and a +4 filter and can stack them to equal a +7



No Filter





Overall I am really happy with these filters and can't wait till its nicer out so I can take some photos outside of my house and car to show!

And really excited about being able to do super up close shots with my favorite 50mm!

* Please know that I was not paid or asked to write this review I am posting because I am genuinally excited about the product and paid for them myself.

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kyna... said... [Reply]

That's awesome! Congrats on the new filter!
♥ Kyna

Laura Hernandez said... [Reply]

Love Love Love using filters. ^_^