Time To Party

We had two birthday parties this weekend. It went a lot smoother then I thought it would. I was expecting grumpy children from missing naps and out of sorts babies from leaving our daily routine. But it really was a lot of fun at both parties.

The first party was for Alyssa, her Mama blogs over at Life, Experience Needed

For this particular party Peyton decieded that not napping at all before going was what she wanted to do. We tried three seperate times to get her to nap and all she did was laugh or whine from her crib. Knowing that she would be tired and a little cranky we went anyways.

Thankfully she was only a little whiny and didn't have a full on melt down cry like she normally would have done.

Food seemed to keep that at bay for us, and when the cupcakes came out we finally got to see a happy goofy Peyton. Just in time for us to go home. That's always the case isn't it?

One of Ethan and Peyton's many unoffical Aunties!

The birthday girl, who is about seven months younger then Peyton and walking! That post is for tomorrow about how I have given up on my baby walking haha

Yesterday was party number two, for one of Ethan's friends. This party started at 10 am so we knew ahead of time there would be no time for a nap. Which we didn't mind because at the time we said its just one day. But having missed her naps the day before we were nervous which Peyton would we be seeing at the party that day?

We somehow got super lucky and got happy Peyton! It must have been all the colourful lights from the games and just everything in general about the party venue that made her forget that she was tired.

And just incase you are wondering Ethan was infact at these parties even though I am not really writing about him. My little guy was very good and was in a good way a typical four year old at a birthday party.

Thought she might walk....nope

Waiting for the food.

Peyton's bottle buddy and yet another baby who is much younger then Peyton and walking.

Are you starting to notice that this fact is a bit of a sore spot for Jason and I.

I thought I should add a photo or two of Ethan. In all honesty he was so busy playing I couldn't get a photo of him really.

Hope everyone had a great weekend like we did!

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Candice said... [Reply]

Great pictures! Trust me, once she is walking you will be EXHAUSTED! My 14MO daughter is running now and I can't keep up?! Ask me how this is so since clearly my legs are much longer. It will come in time. :)