I'll Trade You Two Chickens For That Handbag

I am joining in Stuff I Love's blog clothing swap. As you can imagine I have a lot of clothes! When I saw Cat first talking about this I started going through my closet right away. Now I didn't have the time to press everything, but anything you swap with me will be pressed before I send it out to you.

All my items have been taken very good care of and are clean.

I hope you find something you like and feel you can make a swap with me!

Here's whats up for swap.

Forever 21 Fushia dress

Size is XS, I was given this as gift, and as sweet as the gift giver was it was way to small for me. It was second hand from my friend and she said she wore it twice.

B.SMART Dress from Bryans

This dress is a size 8. Jason bought it for me, but it was one of those dresses that I never found the confidence to wear. It is a very body hugging dress, and while I appreciate that Jason thought I would look great in it. This dress just was not really my style.

JOE {Superstore clothing line} Skirt

Floral silk skirt that I wore about 10 times for one summer. It has been sitting in my drawer for about 2 years now. Its a size 10 and has become just a little to big for me. I love the print on this and do wish it still fit better.

Cotton Kenzie Girl Dress

I found this dress in a second hand shop. It is brand new and still has never been worn. I bought it while I was pregnant with Peyton and thought it would fit after I gave birth but it never did. The dress is a size small.

ECHO Attached Dress

My Aunt gave me this dress to add to the swap because my cousin wasn't a fan. Still has the tags on it, and this dress is a size xl

H&M Trend Zipper Dress

I am truely upset this does not fit! Jason found this for me on a solo thrift shop. But being a bit of a busty girl I cannot get the zipper part past my chest. The dress is a size 6, but if you have a large chest this dress is not for you. The zipper along the waist does detatch so you can wear just the top or just the skirt.

A.B.S. Dress

I bought this dress off of EDRESS ME about a year ago. I wore it maybe three times and have just outgrown the style of the dress. Its a fun summer dress and its light weightness won't overheat you. The dress is a Large.

JOE Linen Summer Dress

This is another dress I am a little sad to let go, it has just become a little to big for me and no longer looks good on me. The dress is a size 6 (a larger size 6)

Urban Behavior Gold Top

I wore this while pregnant with Peyton. The shape is still great and has not been stretched out. Its just another one of those tops that gets left in the drawer alot. It is a size small.

Wilfred Wool Dress

This is one of those dresses that doesn't really need a lot of explaining. I am ready to let her go for something new though! This dress is a size 5

ROMY wool long cardi

My mom bought this for me a couple of years. Its really warm and pretty but I have always felt that it belongs with someone taller then my 5'2'' stature. It maybe all in my head but I feel it makes me look shorter then I already am. This cardi is a size 6

Cotton Smart Set Dress

Even the smartest fashionista have impulse buys. I bought this thinking it looked great in the store, and without trying it on I took it home. I wore it a couple of times to justify my impulse but its not the dress for me. My favorite thing about the dress is the stripes and modern 1950's look it has to it.

And there you have it. My items that I have up for swap!

See something you like? You can email me at ambergioiasmith (at) hotmail (dot) com

Happy Swapping!!


Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said... [Reply]

What a cute idea! I hope you get some great trades.