What's In A Blog Name

I originally wrote this post for Miss Mommy but I love it so much I wanted to share it again, aaannd I am a little tired and couldn't think of writing a new post. Its been one of the crazy weeks full of curve balls.

When I wrote this post I really tried to show my thinking processes of how I went for a super fashion-y girl who wore heels and party dresses during the day, to finding my way to ballet flats and sneakers.

Remember the days when you could look into your closet, pick anything out, and not have to wonder ''hmmm I wonder how easy it would be to chase a toddler in those shoes?'' Or how about ''Will I be able to easily and discretly breastfeed while I wear that strapless dress?'' I know I have had these thoughts come across my mind.


I have always loved dressing up. In particular I love to wear evening dresses during the day, and stilettos. Sadly these choices are not always the best when little ones are involved.
When I got pregnant with my son, I lived in my yoga pants. I finally realized why so many people wore them out even though they weren't working out.

Right after Ethan was born I tried getting back into my old dressing habits. I attempted to wear heels, but most often I only wore them to the car and then on the sneakers would go for the rest of the day. Gone were my days of wearing a dress with sequins because it was a Tuesday morning. My everyday wardrobe began to look something like this... Leggings, a pretty top to compensate the casualness of the leggings. Of course lets not forget the sneakers. But I will say this I never left the house without make-up on.

So often I would have the intention to get my wardrobe back to what it used to be like, before my baby. However anytime I went out, I would only come home with arm loads of clothes for Ethan. I guess it seemed better to spend crazy amounts of money on clothes for him then myself. It wasn't until one night that my husband pointed out ''Do you think Ethan really cares what he is wearing?'' And he was right! Ethan had no idea what he had on.

Fast forward four years, and through a second pregnancy...
I have learned just how effective accessories are. And that stores like H&M carry dresses that could be worn during the day and at night. If a dress is a little on the mini side I swapped out my leggings for a pair of black shorts. My days of wearing stilettos are still few and far apart, but kitten heels and ballet flats have for the most part replaced the sneakers. I have days wear I want to rock the messy momma bun, but its never seen without a headband to keep it company.

I don't leave the house without wearing at minimum of four accessories, and I try and make one of those pieces a standout ''look at me!'' piece of jewelry.
Putting effort everyday into how you look will not only make you feel better, but the rest of your family will feel better. If my husband has had a hard day at work, feels better knowing he will be coming home to see me in something other then my pajama pants. And if thats not enough, how about your four year old tellig you everyday that Mama looks like a princess today.

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Happy First Birthday Babydoll!

In July I started working part time for a local boutique Baby Doll Boutique , on Saturday was the one year anniversairy celebration! Some of the local vendors that Babydoll supports came out to celebrate along with us! I wasn't working on this day, but Peyton and I stopped in to see how everything was going!

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Playdate and Zena's!

Last Thursday a friend of mine came out our way for a playdate. And since it was so nice out I sugguested we go to this new gluten free bakery that had just opened up. So with the five children in tow we went for a walk. I have to say Ethan is wild on his own, but when he gets around other kids he feeds off their energy and gets even more wild! Thankfully two of the little ones were in a baby carrier and stroller. So there wasn't a need to feel to stressed out.

All in all the short walk went pretty well and there were no major gasp moments. When we walked into Zena's it was so adorable. The design was clean, but I loved the little personal touches.

If you live locally and know about Zena's you should definatly go! It was all so so yummy, we will be making weekly or bi-weekly trips there for sure!

There is one more little girl standing behind Peyton's stroller.

Best buddies!

I love the owl! If you follow me on Pintrest you know already I am slightly obsessed! In fact I have a post later this week that involves owl art.

So cute how they have books about being gluten-free, just incase you are like me and don't fully know quite everything that it entails.

Showing off the other mini customers enjoying the cookies and cupcakes.

Ethan is not grumpy in this photo, he was trying to show off by trying to sit on the ledge.

After the bakery we walked over to a park where my little guy recieved his first fat lip! He was fine but was definatly a little sore for a few days. But being that he is a tough little boy he was pretty proud to show off his fat lip haha

Back at home I finally got to enjoy my cupcake!

My vanilla mini, with natural blueberry frosting. That was my favorite part that the frosting had no artifical colours or flavors.

Almost too cute to eat!

Thanks for reading about my excitment over our new favorite bakery!

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Our Week Staying At Home

I have been hit by the flu that is going around. I am lucky enough that it is only making me tired and a little feverish. We have been staying home this week and my sweet littles have been getting into all kinds of shenagains! I am however forcing myself to go take them out today, I think be a little more tired is better then watching Ethan and Peyton act wild and stir crazy!

Sweet baby Pea decided to get herself all dressed up in Mama's new vintage vest.

So proud of herself.

This was day one, not to bad, being cute and sweet. Here is what she did on Tuesday...

Now you might be thinking, so what a baby and a mess... this is the first time Peyton has ever made a mess while eating. This girl loves food so much she never wastes a spec of it. On this particular day she decided her cheeks and nose must have been extra places to shove food into.

I ended up letting her finish her snack in her high chair. If you are wondering why I didn't start her there in the first place. Peyton doesn't really like being one spot for a long time and will let out shrill cries, and as I said above she doesn't usually make a mess like this.

Now we come to Wednsday the funniest of them all! My camera bag is always in this spot and Ethan and Peyton never pay any attention to it. Well as I said she is pretty stir crazy and thought it would be fun to see what the bag is all about.

Notice the hand up? This is what Peyton does when I say no to her. That's right my fifteen month old holds her hand out to me when she is told no. I think I might be in trouble with her as she gets older. I always had a feeling she would be stubborn but really? At this age??

The model in her had to smile for me!

Wondering why I don't have any photos of Ethan posted? Its because he was so full of energy he never stopped long enough for me to get a quick shot, even with a high ISO.

We did manage to get outside for a playdate yesterday. That will post will be for monday though.

Hope you had a great week and have a good weekend! See everyone on Monday!

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To Ikea We Will Go!

Jason called me on his way home last friday asking if I would be up to go going to Ikea to find the spice racks I want for an upcoming Pintrest project. I was so excited to go! Of course the boys had to eat some Ikea meatballs before the hunt began. We are a family that loves Ikea. We love to try out ALL the sofas and arm chairs, and admire the kitchens that are currently out of our budget to have. My favorite area is of course the market place. My favorite find from this trip was an apple slicer. I will admit I can be a bit of a slacker Momma with somethings, cutting an apple is one of them. I don't know what it is, I just don't like cutting them. So when I found this slicer I didn't care what the cost was, it was coming home!

End of the shopping trip and Peyton has had it with her new hat.

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