Travel Style - Mamma/Baby/Toddler

So tomorrow night we are leaving for our trip. This will be our first big trip with Peyton. Close to six or seven hours of driving. In the past Peyton doesn't always love the car. So I am curious how well she will do. But until then I am having fun packing up her travel clothes.

What's in Ethan's bag?
Camo and small stripe shirt: Gifts
Tan shirt: H&M
Large stripe shirt: JOE
Jeans: H&M
Belted shorts: Gift
Tan shorts: Childrens Place
Swim shorts: Toys r' us

What's in Mamma's bag?

Green dress: Thirfted
Purple dress: Front and Company
Blush dress: H&M
Pink dress: Luella Bartly
Floral Dress: Bootlegger
Skirt: Garage
Black shorts: Smart Set
Tie Dye shorts: JOE
Wedges: Spring
Flats: Joe
Boots: Dav
Hats: H&M

Accessory bag

Most of these accessories are from Stella and Dot.
The rest I found at Zellers and vintage shops.
Want to know wear I got a specific item? Feel free to ask in the comment section.

What's in my make-up bag?

Pressed powder foundation: Cover Girl
Bronzer: MAC
Blush: Dior
Cream Blush: Cover Girl
Quatro eye shadow: Lancome'
Purple eyes shadow: MAC
Lip Stains: Cover Girl
Nail Polish: Rimmel

What's in Peyton's bag?

All of her items have been gifted so I am not sure where they came from. I think I few items came from JOE and Childrens Place.

And last but not least I am sharing our luggage. Having great luggage makes me feel just that more special when travelling. Travelling, especially with little ones is stressful enough so I try to look good doing it, but also travel as light as possible.

L.A.M.B. large barrel: Ebay

Marc By Marc Jacobs: Gift

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Jason's Favorite Reason For Being a Parent

So my blogging has been a little quiet lately, no real reason other then just been out and about a lot, and doing lots of DIY projects to make our townhouse look pretty!

Rather then do a post about what I love about Jason and what makes him a great Dad. I asked him what his favorite thing about being a Dad was. He of course chose when the kids get into something they shouldn't, showing off their ''Creative'' side.

Peyton has only just started crawling so we havn't caught her in any moments like that yet. But I was able to find a couple of Ethan.

Happy Father's Day to Jason. We love you and everything you do for us everyday!

xoxo Amber, Ethan, and Peyton!

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Eleven Months

Eleven months and both Peyton and I somehow survived. After constant crying, sleeping two hours a day, and problems with nursing. We are both doing so well. Peyton has traded in her crying days for giggles. She loves to laugh and coo, especially when playing with Ethan. She appreciates sleep, only waking up once at night now for a feeding and then right back to sleep. Naptime during the day is still an issue, but I don't let it bother me to much because I am getting sleep at night. And as for our early feeding problems, Peyton has a deep love for food. She will eat and try anything! She loves food so much and is so smart, she knows that there are two cookies in the baby Mum Mum packs, and if she does not have both cookies she will get very upset!

So Happy eleven months to Peyton! Now to really start planning her party!

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My Best Shot

A couple of weeks ago when I did the Bella Blossoms give away I recieved so many wonderful and encouraging comments about one photo in particular and how I should think about submitting it in a contest or to a magazine. Well I finally have done it! I entered the photo in the Paper Mama's (No we are not attatched, Chelsea does make beautiful invites and amazing paper crowns though. I will share the story of how I came up with Paper Heart Photography in another post sometime.) your best shot challange.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to do something with this shot!

The Paper Mama

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Thank you for all the votes so far!

xoxo Amber
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Out Of The Running For Mama Of the Year

I am offically out of the running for Mama of the year. We discovered tonight that after we put Ethan to sleep he has been opening his sliding door, and running around knocking on our neighbors doors. Now please before you really discount me as a horrible parent I need to say that when we first moved in we jammed a washer into the door lock with a hammer. And somehow or another Ethan managed to pull this washer out.

We discovered his great escape tonight when Jason was running out to get something and saw Ethan out of the corner of his eye run back and lock the door. Not really sure what he saw he continued on and then noticed the gate open and saw our neighbors looking in.

They then told us how last night Ethan was outside running around barefoot in the rain! And telling them how he and I stayed home from Gramma's and only Daddy and Peyton went over. I apologized over and over and told them how embrassed and bad I felt. I have great neighbors and they assured me it was not something I should feel bad about since I thought we had fixed the problem.

Needless to say after all of this I felt so sick to my stomach that I didn't know what he was doing. And slightly embrassed that he was bothering our neighbors....

After a quick arguement about whether or not we should switch rooms with Ethan, Jason assured me he would make that window harder then Fort Knox to get open. And I also let Ethan know that I will be finding magic glue so that he can never leave my side!

Jason's mom always told me horror stories about him escaping his room to play with power tools. So let it be known that escape artistism is an inherited trait!
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