Day Twenty Two, Ethan's Birthday, Birth Story.... It's a long one!

My baby boy finished off his toddler years yesterday, and today he turned four! I have spent almost everyday with him since he was born, and yet I can't believe it was that long ago... I have always been terrifed of the expression they grow up so fast, but today it really it me hard. Anytime we called Ethan little man, as we always have, he corrected us that he was a big kid now. Ethan is learning to do so many things on his own, and while I am sad that my chubby little baby is growing out of my control, I am excited to do more things with him!

Waking up this morning Jason and I remembered what happen March 22, 2007. At the time Jason and I were both suffering from broncitis, and I guess the constant coughing had caused me to go into labour almost two weeks early. At 1am I had my first ever midnight craving, so I woke up Jason and told him that I needed chicken nuggets NOW! Jason being a smart guy thought maybe it would be a good idea to put my bag into the car as well, ''just in case,''. We went on our merry way to find me some food at 2 am, finally found some and went home. After eating my yummy food, I tried to sleep, it was not easy, I thought I was uncomfortable from being sick so I didn't say anything. Three hours later and I felt my first true contraction, well what I hoped was a contraction, to be honest it didn't hurt. I woke Jason up AGAIN and said I wanted to go to the hospital to see what was going on. At 6am I was told I was infact in labour! I didn't believe the nurses, they told me I was having very strong contractions, but it didn't hurt very much, it was more of a tight feeling but I wouldn't say it was painful.

A couple of hours later a doctor came in and told me that I would probably dilate one cm per hour, and then delivery would be about two hours. Two hours! Was he joking, I told him very strongly that I would not be in delivery for two hours, and that I would have my baby out in 20 minutes. He kinda laughed at me and said well lets not worry about that right now.

At around 12pm the doctor came in and checked me and let us know that when the baby broke my water, his head got in the way and the rest of my water had not broken. I tried to brake it myself during the contractions (which still were not getting stronger), but when I couldn't the doctor did for me at 4pm.

By this point I was so tired and the contractions were getting closer together, so I asked for something to help me rest. I tried laughing gas, but it made me feel sick, and no one could understand me, and I was starting to to scare Jason, so in the end I had an epidural. I was really proud of myself for getting to 5cm all on my own, and I was proud for asking for it to get some rest, and that I had handled the pain so well.

Around 7pm I had reached 10 cm! I was not ready, I was so afraid, and the woman in the next room was screaming from her delivery! I did not want to do this anymore! My nurse assured me I would not feel anything and the woman next to me was having a natural delivery. That didn't help, I was still scared. My nurse was sneaky and asked me if I would like to try a few ''practice'' pushes. Call me what you want, but I believed her! This is what happens when you drop out of baby classes haha. So anyways, half way through I said ''Okay, I am done, I want to rest.'' It was then I saw my nurses face and realized she had tricked me. My doctor looked at me with a confused look and said it doesn't work that way, and to keep going. 7:22pm (17 minutes of delivery) and Ethan was born. I didn't believe everyone at first, the nurse was right and I did not feel a thing!

I was so tired that I do not remember to much after that. I do remember thinking labour and delivery were actually a lot of fun, and wanted to do it again, but wished I could skip the pregnancy part. Jason has told me many times that  I hugged Ethan a lot and got upset that everyone was holding Ethan so much, because I wanted to be the one to hold him. Oh the joys of post pregnancy emotions!

This is the story of how I first met my little boy. It was a simple, and great experiance!

In Other News: Project 31 Day Twenty Two - What Did You Do Today?

Going to show what I did with pictures! Hope everyone enjoyed the sunny day today! I know Ethan would love it if anyone wanted to leave a birthday comment for him!

Cupcakes from Ethan's Pizza Playdate yesterday

Waiting for friends!
Daddy booked a day off to celebrate with us!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Ethan had his choice of what we wanted to do today. He asked to go to toys r' us!

He chose some Toy Story toys!

Daddy helping choose.

Next stop was to Ikea, to get a new high chair for Peyton. Ethan loves her so much that he didn't mind though.

Fell asleep for all the excitement!

Last stop of the day, bowling!


Oh no! Not again!

Last toss of the day!
32 points, He did a great job!

Back at home.

 In honor of Ethan's birthday these are my top five favorite photos!