Ethan and His Fur Cousin Lucy

First thing I want to say is that today is a much better day today! Ethan is back to being his sweet goofy self. Lets help it continues, at least till we can finish the christmas shopping today!

Last Sunday Jason's brother and wife took Ethan to a christmas tree farm. Before they went though they took their dog Lucy to see Santa, Ethan was in the photos as well. When she sent me the photos last night they helped brighten my night. Whether you giggle at Lucy's bored look, or Ethan's normal never look at the camera smile he likes to do lately, its still a sweet photo of the two.

Today is the last day of Cans for Comments, so leave lots of extra love!


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Peyton Eighteen Months - Picture Overload!

Its been a few months since I did a monthly session with Miss Pea. Ethan went off to a christmas tree from today so Jason and I set up a scene and watched our little Pea smile and giggle!

At eighteen month Peyton is starting to talk more and she understands a lot of what we say. She a sweet girl who loves to cuddle.

She loves her brother, napping, any kind of food, and her dolls.

She insists on wearing shoes all the time, yet she flat out refuses to walk.

In the last six months Peyton has become a huge goofball who loves to play and just be a silly girl.

Mama loves you Peyton!

Sorry about the photo overload, I couldn't help it!

So in love with this little girl and her violet eyes!



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Our Trip DT Part Two - IG Photos

Our day was so long that it has to fit into a three part blog series. For today I am showing off the insta gram photos we took. Mostly because it's an early morning here, my laptop is another room and I wanted to try out the mobile version of blogger.

These photos aren't really in any special order, blogger mobile won't let me edit or write in between the photos...

VLOG and Photoshoot Friday - Carly From Carly Ingram Photogpraphy

Hope you liked my Vlog! Why is that they always freeze it on the worst moment haha.

So for those that havn't heard of elf on the shelf you should head over and follow my friends blog and see what her little elf Dash has been up to the past couple days!


Here are a few photos from my session yesterday with Carly. You can check out more photos here.

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