Trick Or Treat Garden Gnome Style

This year for Halloween we dressed up as garden gnomes. This idea was 100% Ethan's idea, I was so thrilled at his creativity and thinking to be something a little unique. We had a great night, we went trick or treating with a friend of Ethan's. This was the first year we went with a friend, and I think it made the night just that much more fun for Ethan and his friend.

Putting on the gnome-y beard. It didn't last long though..

Long enough for a few photo at least!

Hope everyone had as great a Halloween as we did!

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Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said... [Reply]

such a cute idea. and such a creative little boy;) You all looked great!

Ashley said... [Reply]

I love the gnome costume. So creative and cute. :)

Karla Khodanian said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness, those gnome costumes are just the CUTEST! I love the creativity :)