Tantrums and Forgiveness

Its that time of year again. Not christmas, but that time of year when little ones seem to know christmas is coming so that means its ok to act out. I have been pretty lucky with Ethan, his tantrums and out bursts or fairly minimal since we got out of the three year old stage where you really question yourself as to why you had children, and will this limit pushing business ever end?

However on Friday it was a completely different story. Ethan for whatever reason did his first ever ''mean'' thing to Peyton. He didn't hurt her he just kept yelling back in her face anytime she cried. I sent him to his room, deciding this was something he needed to know was rude and not apporitate to yell in anyones face, especially baby Pea.

Everything went downhill from there, 3 hours of him getting angry for having to go to his room, screaming, throwing stuffies, kicking his bed. I very rarely yell at Ethan because I find he just doesn't hear me anyways, but I did break down and by the end I was also yelling.

I tried just letting him sort things out for himself. But all he did was just yell from his room. I hate yelling at Ethan, its not the kind of Mama I envisioned I would be. When I was pregnant with Ethan, Jason bought me a book about Audrey Hepburn written by her son. The way he talked about her, and the things he said of her. Motivated me to use her as a guide through motherhood.

Deep down I know I can't be what I think is ideal all the time. I need to find a better way of coping when I am taken off that path know. I need to find a way to remind myself that its ok to be furusterated every now and then, and that there is a very big chance that when Ethan is older he probably won't even remember me getting angry.

By late afternoon he was calmed down and he and I were back to being BFFs.

While in his room even baby Pea had crawled in to see Ethan and forgive him for upsetting her a little more then she already was.

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Tiffanie said... [Reply]

I am not looking forward to tantrums! At least you guys were BFFs again.

... I love the new look of the site! :)

Ashley said... [Reply]

I feel like I am right there with you. We have had a tough couple of weeks here. I feel like I have been a failure as a momma because my son has spent so much time in time out or in his room. Nothing seems to be working. :(

Ramblin Mama said... [Reply]

To quote a friend, "Sometimes it's good to be the Grandma and not the Mom." I feel for you at times like this. Believe me, it does get bstter!