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A couple of weeks ago I started contributing to this is a great site to see what people are wearing outside the world of the magazines. I remember once in high school a teacher asked the class where do designers get their idea's from? A few people said the media, but most of us knew that most likely they looked at what people were wearing on the streets. Now of course this could turn into a disscussion something like what came first: The chicken or the egg? More and more people today are wanting to step outside the box and develop their own unique style. With sites like Street Scout. These are great sites to look to for inspiriation.

Over the last couple of years I have found that I am finding my own fashion inspiriation from other people on the street or other fashion bloggers. Its so refreshing to see people styling themselves in really creative outfits. And helping to put the focus back on all the really great trend setters out there.

The woman behind this site is Sabrina, I met her a couple of years ago when I volunteered at VFW, and when I saw that she was looking for contributors I couldn't resist seeing if I would be a good fit! has contributors all over Canada and now a few in Europe as well.

Modern Florals & Leather, Vancouver Street Style is still looking for contributors. If you have a great eye for fashion and photography, send an email to street scout!


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