Let's Go To The Snail Circus!

Yesterday at my parents Ethan decided collecting snails and watching them move would be fun. While I normally tell him not to move creatures from their homes, he stayed close to the tree they came from and did put all of them back on to the tree before we left.

And I will admit it was pretty neat to come out and see so many snails in one place at once. Ethan was so proud of his snail circus, he especially loved finding the baby snails. I am not sure what exactly they were eating on this tree but they did not move like you would think a snail would. They were actually pretty quick.

The acrobatic

Feeding the talent

Trapeze and daring snail tower!

Ethan the human safety net

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Jaime @ I'm a Mom not a Professional said... [Reply]

love the pics they're super cute. I'm your newest follower and would love to see you following back at

Mrs. T said... [Reply]

Those snails are AWESOME!!!

Angie said... [Reply]

Awesome Pics!! But ewwww snails! I hate bugs!

Stopping by to say HI and thanks for linking up on my new blog hop! ;)

BTW.. what kind of camera do you have.. I'm on the hunt for a new one.. your pictures look so awesome!


Captain Cooks said... [Reply]

Awesome photos!!! My son would love to do this....very cute
Came over from the MBC hop. Come for a visit when u get a chance.