Blogging Tips - Comment Replies

I saw this post idea from J & M's Eye Candy and could not resist passing it along as well.

I absoulty love getting comments! They really do turn my day right around when I am having a hard time with Peyton or on the rare days Ethan as well. I do my best to try and reply to everyone to show that I do read ALL the comments and to also show that I appreciate you taking the time to write something and I am returning the gratitude.

With all that being said, nothing makes me more sad then to see that I can not directly reply to the commentor's email.

There are two very simple steps you can do to help.

These are the steps for Blogger. I am not sure how to do it with anyone else sorry :(

1. Go to your dashboard and Click on edit profile.

2. Underkneath the Privcacy Header there is an option that states ''Show my email address'' check the box next to it.

And there you have it, if you choose to do this I will be able to let you know just how thankful I am for all the nice things you comment on my posts.

If you are unsure about doing this, creating a seperate email for all your blogging related things is easy to do!

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ladyguinevere28 said... [Reply]

Hello I just want to Say Hi Sunday.. and I have follow you and hope you could return the favor here are my url:

I will be checking back and hop to the other blogs to say Hi as well.
See yeahh

Chelle said... [Reply]

Another blogger pointed this out to me last week. I didn't realize I didn't have my email public. I went and changed it after she let me know.

Anna said... [Reply]

Great Site. Following from lots of love blog hop. my site Anna

amy@agoodlife said... [Reply]

YES! i love it when i can return comments this way... thanks for spreading the knowledge :)

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said... [Reply]

Thanks for the shout out and spreading the word :) Much appreciated! Looking forward to following your adventures :) Let us know if you're ever interested in blog swapping or guest posting! We would love to have you :) Have a great day!

Grandma Bonnie said... [Reply]

Thanks for sharing this tip. New follower from the Mingle Monday hop. Hope you stop by and follow if you like.