Yoga Pants, Comfy Or Unispired?

Recently a report was done, and the city I live in was voted one of the worst dressed cities in North America. You all know how big of a fan I am for fashion. So hearing this did sting a little. The biggest choice of garments where I live is people wearing yoga pants. And not just to yoga class. Women are wearing them everywhere! I will admit on occasion I have worn my yoga pants out, but honestly I refuse to do that more then once every 2 weeks. Even when I was pregnant I still held true to this. I bought cute leggings and long tops and dresses. So there are no excuses for not putting any effort in to your look! So here is my plea to all you repeat offenders! Put away the yoga pants and swap them for leggings. Or at the very, very least opt for the yoga pants that are shaped like leggings. All us girly girls are tired of your strange looks because we are ''dressed'' up. I love, love, love dressing up everyday. I am my own lifesize doll. The other day I wore a top with a seqine bow from JOE, a layered skirt with different laces, leggings, and flat ankle boots. Pretty simple, basic black and navy outfit, the looks I was getting today while out on our walk, I kept thinking I had something on my face, or even worse, I asked Ethan if I had a ''bat'' in my cave a.k.a. nose. When I got home I asked Jason if I looked funny, and he said for where we live yes!

While I am not 100% certain of this concept, but if we start dressing better as a city we will have more and more retail options want to come to our city!

As a final plea to stop the over wearing of yoga pants I have enlisted Peyton to help!

Leggings and cute tops, all smiles!

The right kind of dress can be just as comfortable!

Time to pack away those ''workout'' pants and move on to better fashions!

Leaving that bad taste behind!

If you absoultly must wear yoga pants, find some with some piazz!

Just incase the photos above didn't convince you, do you really want to make this little one cry?

P.S. Peyton is way, way better at the plank then I am.

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Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said... [Reply]

I have never been a fan of leggings but this fall it's ON! I am going to try them out! I am currently on the hunt for some boots to wear with the leggings. We will see how I do in a couple months if I am wearing them:)

Kelly said... [Reply]

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Awesome photos!!

Amanda said... [Reply]

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The New "Normal" said... [Reply]

Oh how adorbale are those picutres?! If those didn't make someone want to try leggins, I don't know what would! I have to admit, I wore yoga pants to work today, but in my defense, it was pajama day (I'm a teacher)! I may have to give leggings a try this winter and break out of my routine!
Following from the Give a Hoot blog hop! Have a great rest of the week! :)

Senessa said... [Reply]

I did a post on this....the fact that I wear my "mommy outfit" everyday yoga pants and a shirt. But when I do leave the house, I will put on jeans and look cute, well try to anyways :)