National Read A Book Day and Top Ten Books!

Today is national read a book day. I have chosen today to teach Ethan to read. This is something we have struggled with greatly. Ethan is very smart but in the past I find that he need an unconventional way of learning things, a way that I am not very familiular with. Jason thinks the same way as Ethan so its easier for him, but Jason is so busy so for the most part the teaching of ABC, 123, and reading falls to me.
When it comes to Ethan learning to do new things it is bitter sweet. I am of course excited that it one less thing he needs me to always do for him, in turn giving me 30 more seconds a day or so to myself. But I am also upset for the same reason, and I always break into tears at a new development. The day I saw that Ethan could pour his own glass of milk, I suddenly had a flash back of all the times he would toddle over to me with his cup in hand asking for some juice. Yes I broke into tears over this.  

He is so smart, and has always been a very intellectual little guy. He was never one to play with toys, instead he was one of the those babies that would sit and try and figure out how the toy worked.

With the exception of being mobile { because he was to rolley polley to move } he has always been a little ahead when it comes to understanding concepts of things that other children his age might not even worry about. At two and a half Ethan would constantly tell us about how recycling works, why its good, why its bad if we don't recycle. I say that he would tell us, because we didn't tell him, yes we are a family that recycles anything we can, but we never explained to him why we do it or how it helps the planet. But it didn't matter because he figured it out on his own.

His hyper growth development is exciting to be around but also sad that my little guy is growing way to fast.

We do struggle to teach Ethan a few things like the ABC's and reading, but seeing as today is National read a book day my goal for the day is to teach Ethan to read!

A book he can read to Peyton

I do have this book but not the vintage cover like this!

Our books of choice! I am linking up again with Miss Mommy for her tuesday ten!

Miss Mommy


Meig Heyburn said... [Reply]

I love this post! I posted ten of my favorite books too! I didn't know it was national read a book day, so *high five* for books! :) (business blog where I wrote about my ten books and linked to Miss Mommy) (my personal blog)

Jade Steckly said... [Reply]

what a great post! Thanks for sharing :)

Nicole@MissMommy said... [Reply]

Ohh, i love this ten post!. I'm always looking for some new kids books :)
Thanks for linking up :) xx

Christa said... [Reply]

i feel so strongly about books and reading being an important element in childrens lives. My daughter loves books

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said... [Reply]

Visiting via Mom 2 Memphis & Ruby :)

I guess I used to recite Goodnight Moon when I was a kid, don't remember the book. I need to re-read it!