What Am I? Anyone Remember this book?

I am Creative, A Momma, I like to write, but I am unpublished. What Am I?
When people ask me what I do for work, I always struggle with an answer. I have my photography but for the most part I spend far more time blogging. This is where the real confusion comes in. I most often answer that I am a Momma Blogger. It always easy to see that they have a look come over their face that says you blog? And people care? They never actually say those words, but instead they uncomfortably say oh how fun for you.

The few times I gathered the nerve to say that I am a writer. I immediatly felt like a fraud. I am not published, I didn't go to school for writing, and I make mistakes hear here and their there.

I saw a pin on pintrest that said ''If you find yourself asking, ' Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?' Chances are You ARE. The counterfit innovator is wildly self confident. The real one is. scared. to death.''

I have recieved compliments in the past that people admire my confidence. And while I am fairly confident I still get nervous everytime I hit that publish button, if the readers of my post will think its boring, or maybe it's to short, and about 15 other things go through my mind.

My process of writing usually goes along like this:

I look at my inspiration board, maybe take a look at my notebook of blog ideas

I start to write, usually take me about an hour to write a full good post

I sit back and re-read what I wrote and I will either leave it or I am inspired to write about something different, something I should have been talking about all along.

From there I will either publish the post, or take about another 30 minutes to re-write and adjust my post.

Most of the time my posts never end up being what I thought they would be. Even when I write a post about Ethan and P, just a simple story of what we did that day I have caught myself learning something.

Blogging and writing has taught me to become more aware of everything that is around me, and made me think a lot about how I hope people will percieve me.

Its creative and theraputic.

The best part is its on my own terms. As I mentioned above I didn't go to school for writing or journalism, but to blog I don't need a degree. Although I would like to take some creative writing classes.

When I blog it is usually in the morning, with Peyton napping, Ethan watching a movie. And I am eating my breakfast. I try and write as though I am having a conversation with whoever is reading my posts as though they are in my living room with us.

I love sharing my posts, and I love all the comments, and emails I recieve. I do read them all! And do my best to answer them.

So there it it!
My writing process and my struggle with being a blogger or a writer.
For today anyways lets say I am writer.

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