Toddler Says

It occured to me that while I write about Ethan and Peyton, I have never asked Ethan about his thoughts and what kind of things he would share if he knew spelling, grammar, and writing form.

From here on out the rest of this post is all Ethan.

Ethan what makes a good big brother?

A big brother is a big job. I like to help take care of Peyton, when she is crying. I feel special because I know how to make her stop and be happy. But sometimes it doesn't always work, so I go and get her cookies. Peyton LOVES cookies! I like sharing my toys and food with Peyton, she is small like a flower and needs love to grow.

It is also my job to keep all rude boys away from my sister. Daddy says he needs my help with this. He taught me to say "NO RUDE BOYS NEAR MY SISTER!"

I like being a big brother because when we go for walks and people say how pretty Peyton is. I get to be the one to say she's my sister. I hope that Peyton and I will always be friends.

What are some of your favorite things to do with Mamma and Daddy?

I like it when we go for walks and I like it when we take lots of picutres. Even more then that though I like to go to Oma and Opa's lake. I like to swim, and go under water, and have boat rides in the water too! I really like to splash and chase Daddy! Hahaha

What would you tell a friend who is starting their first day of pre-school?

Make lots of new friends, have fun and play. And make lots of arts and crafts! But I don't like to sing all the time, the teacher sings alot, and sometimes I only want to do the actions and listen to the song.

Thanks so much Ethan for writing your first post with Mamma!

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