13 Months

I am a few days late in this post, but its been a busy few days.

So thirteen months after Peyton was born we are all doing much better. It is amazing what the proper amount of sleep can do for a family. She is growing and growing, although she can still fit into her 3 month old onsies {weird, right?}.

Peyton loves: Any kind of food, to model and be a ham for the camera, getting into Mamma's jewelry box and adroning herself with necklaces and bracelets. She loves to says kisses { and also give and recieve them } And mostly she loves Ethan, and letting him carry her around. I am pretty sure that is the reason she is not walking yet. I mean would you walk if you had someone carry you everywhere? She has even started standing next to the couch and lifting her arms as a signal to Ethan that she wants to move.


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