Second anniversary: Belated Date Night

Jason and I went out for our belated anniversary last night. We went for dinner, had a sunset photo session with Jaylena , went and saw Harry Potter in Imax. I know going to see Harry Potter doesn't sound very romantic. But I am a big Harry Potter geek, and really wanted to see how it all came to an end. I never read the books. I know thats bad, but its true.

One thing I did notice was Jason and I had a lot of periods of time where we didn't need to talk. And I guess most people would think thats a bad thing, but we thought it was nice to just hear our own thoughts once in awhile. We love Ethan and Peyton, but we did come to realize that they are very vocal littles.

Every now and then we would hear a child let out a scream, or yell something about not wanting to go home! Jason and I would both look at eachother and give that smile in relife that it wasn't us for once. Not that is happens very often to us anyways.

It was a great night, but with that being said I really did miss waking up to see my littles in the morning. ( They were at Grandma's house)

Here are some Iphone pic's of our night.

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