Because I can make this blog into anything I would like. I will be writing more fashion based posts. I will of course still share our funny and not so funny stories. Another blogger friend mentioned me in one of her posts. And while she of course meant it as a compliment I did not realize how Ethan and Peyton had taken over my creative side when it came to writing.

With Peyton turning one I feel its time to change things on my blog. She and I have overcome and made it through all of her major infant milestones. When I first started blogging I wanted to write about both fashion and my littles. And somewhere a long the line the littles took over my creative writing side and I forgot to think about fashion posts.

Things with Peyton have become easier, besides teething she is much more happier, and not giving me to much to write about. I have been finding my abouts my writers block have been coming more and more often. I am always inspired by Ethan and Peyton, and whenever we go out I am always viewing our world as though its a blog post. With camera in tow, taking close to 20 photos a day, sometimes more {even when we just stay at home}.

That's the beauty of creative writing as a blogger I suppose. The tone of the blog can be changed to anything that is wanted.

The posts will still have tonnes of photos and Ethan and Peyton will be in a lot of them still, but rather then the posts be about their milestones, it will be more about the clothes!  

Jason has told me he wants to start taking more photos as well. This was another reason that brought on the change. I am really excited to actually be in more photos with Ethan and Peyton!

I would love to hear what you really like about the blog, so I can know to still throw that into the mix once and a while. I would prefer to not hear what you don't like, but if you really want to tell me something please be kind.