Second anniversary: Belated Date Night

Jason and I went out for our belated anniversary last night. We went for dinner, had a sunset photo session with Jaylena , went and saw Harry Potter in Imax. I know going to see Harry Potter doesn't sound very romantic. But I am a big Harry Potter geek, and really wanted to see how it all came to an end. I never read the books. I know thats bad, but its true.

One thing I did notice was Jason and I had a lot of periods of time where we didn't need to talk. And I guess most people would think thats a bad thing, but we thought it was nice to just hear our own thoughts once in awhile. We love Ethan and Peyton, but we did come to realize that they are very vocal littles.

Every now and then we would hear a child let out a scream, or yell something about not wanting to go home! Jason and I would both look at eachother and give that smile in relife that it wasn't us for once. Not that is happens very often to us anyways.

It was a great night, but with that being said I really did miss waking up to see my littles in the morning. ( They were at Grandma's house)

Here are some Iphone pic's of our night.

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Photoshoot Friday - Style Icon In The Making

I could not resist giving into Ethan asking if we could do a back to pre-school style post.

I did help Ethan a little in picking out the clothes but for the most part the styling credit has to go to him.

I should also mention that all of the poses in this post were also all Ethan's idea's. He need very little coaching. I guess it was bound to happen after having his photo taken so much.

My favorite shot of the morning for sure!

Look at those eyes!

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What I Wore To Work

Hat: H&M { A surprise gift from Jason on his way home from work yesterday!}
Top: Le Chateau
Jeggings: Ardene
Jacket: Lucca Couture from Urban Outfitters

I will be honest I was a bit skeptical of wearing jeggings. But after many failed trips of trying to find a pair of skinnies wear the knees won't stretch out, I figured how could I go wrong. To make the experiance even better I got two pairs for $14! So I am offically on the jegging band wagon and in love with how great they look on me and how comfy they are. I will definatly be buying more pairs in the future.


Because I can make this blog into anything I would like. I will be writing more fashion based posts. I will of course still share our funny and not so funny stories. Another blogger friend mentioned me in one of her posts. And while she of course meant it as a compliment I did not realize how Ethan and Peyton had taken over my creative side when it came to writing.

With Peyton turning one I feel its time to change things on my blog. She and I have overcome and made it through all of her major infant milestones. When I first started blogging I wanted to write about both fashion and my littles. And somewhere a long the line the littles took over my creative writing side and I forgot to think about fashion posts.

Things with Peyton have become easier, besides teething she is much more happier, and not giving me to much to write about. I have been finding my abouts my writers block have been coming more and more often. I am always inspired by Ethan and Peyton, and whenever we go out I am always viewing our world as though its a blog post. With camera in tow, taking close to 20 photos a day, sometimes more {even when we just stay at home}.

That's the beauty of creative writing as a blogger I suppose. The tone of the blog can be changed to anything that is wanted.

The posts will still have tonnes of photos and Ethan and Peyton will be in a lot of them still, but rather then the posts be about their milestones, it will be more about the clothes!  

Jason has told me he wants to start taking more photos as well. This was another reason that brought on the change. I am really excited to actually be in more photos with Ethan and Peyton!

I would love to hear what you really like about the blog, so I can know to still throw that into the mix once and a while. I would prefer to not hear what you don't like, but if you really want to tell me something please be kind.



Evening Scene

The other night we had a really big rain storm. It was really great to watch, and after about an hour Jason and I thought why not have some fun and take some evening rain photos!

Its a little blurry because I couldn't see where Jason really was. The night was a lot darker then it looks in the photo.

Peyton's Birthday and Birth Story (If you are pregnant right now, may not want to read )

Here we are, one year since my baby girl finally decided it was time to see what life was like on the outside! It has been a great but very LONG year. Not only did she test me, but my relationship with Jason was definatly tested. I had so many moments that I am not proud of as did he. But somehow all four of us made it through.

We didn't do to much today, we had some cake and dinner. Her big party is on Sunday so that will be a better post. She was happy today and clapped every time we said happy birthday!

It was one year ago that we were at my mom's house for her birthday party, and everyone including Jason had given up the thought that I would ever go into labour and so they started having cocktails. I warned everyone I would not be impressed if someone didn't sober up just in case. They all joked I would have to go ask the neighbors to drive me if that happened.

A few hours passed and Jason sobered up and we went home around 11. I started getting that tight feeling, but with having braxtin hicks everynight for the last few weeks Jason was reluctant to believe it was for real this time. I got up and started to walk around. Our dog Prada followed me, something she has never done. I again told Jason, but he was still leary. I didn't care and called my mom to come over and watch Ethan.


We went to the hospital, the nurse did the tetrazine test and it came up negative. Still insisting I was in labour I asked to be hooked up to a monitor, the nurse sass backed at me ''Why do you want to be hooked up? So you can see the lines go up and down?'' And with that, I was offered some morphine (which I didn't take) told I was experiancing contractions from a bladder infection, and then sent home. But not before being told I could come back if I couldn't handle the pain (mean while I was in tears at this point from the contractions). I told her I didn't want to go, I was afraid if I did I would not be able to get an epidural in time. It took Jason and I 25 minutes to get back to our car, because I had to stop every few mintues from the contractions.

We finally got home, and I had a bath, it was then that the rest of my water broke! I was so scared. I screamed in pain the whole way to the hospital. We arrived back at the hospital, we got to the ER admin, and I could tell that the ER nurse had to convince the Maternity nurse that I was in fact in labour. By this point I was so mad that they did not believe me I may as well of had my baby at home!

We got up to the Maternity floor and the same nurse was there and checked me, I was already 7cm dialated! I was also told there was no time for an epidural, and that they would not be calling the specialist who I had been seeing when Peyton was staying breech.

Being told both of those things scared me, I had a hard time comprehending that I was not going to get the birth I wanted. The contractions were on top of eachother and I felt like my spine was being twisted.

Ten minutes passed (although it felt like hours) I told them I needed to push. The nurses told me no. More No's! I could not believe what was going on. On the next contraction a different nurse decided to feel my belly, which caused Peyton to move and make the contractions even worse. I will say it took a lot of restraint not to hurt her for doing that. When I asked her why she touched me, she said she was checking if I was in fact contracting?!?!

I couldn't wait anymore and needed to push. Finally some relife! It felt so much better to push, then having a contraction. In fact I would say this part did not hurt at all. It felt so much better I was getting in 4 pushes for every contraction and had Peyton out in 10 minutes!

She was of course fine!

My labour experience in my eyes was horrible, and not at all what I wanted but I am glad that Peyton and I came out of it perfectly!

In true Peyton fashion, she cried when I put her in front of the cake.

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Eve of Peyton's First Birthday, Creative Photo Day

When I was thinking about how I wanted to show just how much Peyton has grown in her first year, I thought what is more girly then shoes! Not only that but shoes were what first motivated her to roll from one end of our townhouse to the other. After taking photos of her shoes I thought why not recreate a photo I had seen on Pinterest.

Check back tomorrow for Peyton's birthstory and first Birthday Photos!

Flash Back Friday {39 weeks}

This time last year I was doing all I could to get this baby out! I was drinking lots and lots of Red Raspberry Leaf tea, forcing myself to go for walks up hills, eating the spicy foods, and with it being 29 degrees out, this was not comfortable. Baby however was determined to be defiant and wait it out a little more. I was very happy though that she was staying head down. My mood swings had also gotten worse. How Jason tolerated my grumpiness I will never know.

This was the last belly shot I took before Peyton was born. She was born the next day!