Eleven Months

Eleven months and both Peyton and I somehow survived. After constant crying, sleeping two hours a day, and problems with nursing. We are both doing so well. Peyton has traded in her crying days for giggles. She loves to laugh and coo, especially when playing with Ethan. She appreciates sleep, only waking up once at night now for a feeding and then right back to sleep. Naptime during the day is still an issue, but I don't let it bother me to much because I am getting sleep at night. And as for our early feeding problems, Peyton has a deep love for food. She will eat and try anything! She loves food so much and is so smart, she knows that there are two cookies in the baby Mum Mum packs, and if she does not have both cookies she will get very upset!

So Happy eleven months to Peyton! Now to really start planning her party!

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Amanda Imbery said... [Reply]

I love love love that last picture of the 2 of you