What I Have Been Up To The Past Week

I have been so bad at finding time to blog. I have spent a great majority of the week editing photos for this great couple whose wedding I shot last week. After hitting the under 300 photos left to edit mark I let Jason talk me into taking a two day break. I shot James and Danice's engagement session back in March and thought they were such an adorable couple. I have known Danice for a LONG time, we went to brownies together, and I graduated with her sister. And if that wasn't a cool enough reason to have them pick me to share their day Peyton and their daughter were born 4 days apart!

The wedding was so beautiful I had so much fun taking photos of all the little details, besides the ceremony I love seeing all the little personal touches to a wedding!

Not going to lie, I got a little thrilled to see one of the photos I shot being used for the guest signing!

I used a gaussian blur filter on this photo, I love how it helps a photo look so dreamy!