Flash Back Friday {32 weeks}

This time last year, I was very aware of the extra weight I was carrying. When I would stand up I felt like I had to brace myself from falling forward. Peyton was really active, and using every square inch she could fit into. It was around this time that my bouts of Braxtin hicks started up. This was an everyday occuruance. And I have no idea who said they were painless, but they lied! I am not saying they hurt as much as active labour, but when I started feeling them I could not do much other then lie down and hope it would stop soon. On a happier note my doctor had prescribed me some medictation for my acid reflex so I was able to eat what ever I wanted without the consequences of acid reflex! For anyone who is currently pregnant you should talk to your doctors about some relif, I waited to tell him because I didn't think it was important. It wasn't until he asked me how my acid reflex was did I tell him. The medication was a miracle worker! I was able to eat as much pizza as I wanted!

Belly photo at 32 weeks!

Ethan and I on Mother's Day Last year. Can you believe how different he looks!

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