Babies Really Can Roll Off the Bed When You Aren't Looking...

Peyton is a couple of weeks shy of being 10 months old, and luckily, I've only done two things that could potentially scar her for life. However, I anticipate many more to come in the upcoming years, so I am by no means implying that I should be considered for Mom of the Year. I will share one of those stories with you today, and the other I'll share with you when you have forgotten all about this one, and are therefore less likely to label me as a bad, unattenitve mother. Deal?

The first happened about a month ago. It was RIGHT when she started to become extremely squirmy and "roll-y", we were over at Grandma's house and Peyton needed a nap desperatly. We didn't have the pack and play with us, so I put her on a bed and surrounded her with pillows. She fussed for a few mintues then calmed down. I checked on her every few minutes and though she was still awake she was still in the same spot.

The next thing I know she starts screaming! I rush into the room and shes no longer on the bed! I walk around the corner to pick her she's not there either. Peyton managed to roll off the bed and then roll under the bed! I scooped her up and she stopped crying instantly. Frantically I ran to my Mom and told her I think I may have just damaged the baby.
After seeing me all worked up, she started to cry. She fussed for about two minutes, and then was smiley and laughing and playing like normal. Of course, I still googled it for a half hour to determine the amount of damage I had done. Turns out, this has happened to MANY moms and a lot of the babies were right around the age of Peyton. I guess I should have listened more closely when the experts said to never leave the baby unattended, not even for a second, because you never know if that will be the day they decide to roll.

Oops. You better believe I learned my lesson and now I NEVER leave her alone, not even to grab a water bottle. If I wasn't paranoid before, I certainly am now. So now when she is 12 years old and she does something stupid and someone asks her, "What? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?" Unfortunately, she can reply, "Yes, it's all my mom's fault."

Now being that Peyton is my second child you would think that I would be more relaxed about these types of things, but I'm not. So there it is, the worst possible kind of accident a mother can make. And will hopefully never have it happen again.