Winter Fashion Shoot

I know its been a couple of weeks since the last post. We havn't been very busy, but between Ethan getting very sick and me trying to get things going with my photography the last two weeks have just flown by. We also went to a couple of playdates, met a new friend for Peyton. Her mom actually knows quite a few people that I know, its amazing how small the world is, or at least my town!

So this morning I woke up bright and early to go to a photoshoot. Andrea was local so I didn't have to travel to far. It was nearly a disaster though. I was so nervous for some reason that I forgot to charge my camera battery! Thankfully our local indoor pool was open so I packed everything up and ran over there, out of breathe I managed to ask if I could use their outlet (at least I was smart enough to pack the charger!). So I sat on the floor by the front entrance for everyone to see my mistake. I will never again forget to charge the battery.

The rest of the shoot went great. I had so much fun. The weather was a little overcast but it didn't rain, so that was great! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!