Back To Basics, Well Back To Blonde Anyways

So after weeks of going back and forth, I finally grabbed the box of hair colour I bought a while back and began what will be the slow process of going back to being a blonde! And before everyone shreeks at me for not going to a salon, I have not had a bad experiance with colouring my hair at home, if I had then yes I would go to the salon to have it done professionallly. I was hoping the ends of my hair would be a bit lighter, but I am really happy with the diffusion look that came out. After two years of being a dark burnette I think Jason was very happy to see the blonde make an apperance again. He did like my darker hair, but had said it would be interesting to see me with lighter hair again. Ethan's reaction made me laugh, he was very excited that he and I could be blonde together!

The hair clip is Peyton's it's from Stella and Dot.

I know this one isn't really a hair shot, I just liked it.